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get better little lady [23 Sep 2004|03:00pm]
my pup Rosie is very sick...please pray for her :(

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FINALLY!!!!! [13 Sep 2004|02:35pm]
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happy birfday to bmomb [08 Sep 2004|05:04pm]
it is pure yuck outside today. bad weather makes me sad. i had math today and im kicking its ass. im definately gonna finish it early and be able to move on to the next class before spring semester.

today is my mom's 50th bday. wow mommy is old! hehe jk. i got her a gift certificate to get a parrafin wax manicure and chicago on dvd. tonight we're going to chilis cuz keith has to work soo mommy wants everyone to be together there even if keith will be our waiter lol.

4 days till tom comes home! i cant wait for the beach next weekend its gonna be sooo much fun! anything with him is just plain amazing. i really just can't wait <3

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1 WEEK!! [06 Sep 2004|09:20pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

PIMP! it says...ADELPHI (bow down to your digital rulers) woot mooninites! tommy is gonna give me one of all the adelphi shirts and i think this one i am going to practically live in.

(7 days until my sunshine comes homeee!!!)

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Pinch Me [01 Sep 2004|12:39am]
i can't sleep. itsss 12:39am and im usually in bed ready to fall asleep..at least until tom wakes me up with our nightly phone calls. school started today, it was alright i guess im not sure how im gonna handle the work load though but im gonna try my best i suppose. my books were freaking 300$. thats absolutely insane, they didnt have any used copies of the books i needed so i had to buy them full price it sucked big time...oh well its not my money but i still feel bad... so its FINALLY september, i swear august was the longest month of my life, time has never gone by so slow. only 11 more days till the end of adelphi's touring and 14 or 15(?) days until my baby comes home. i have never missed someone so much in my life. talking to him on the phone everynight though has helped alot, i like to know what hes up to, plus we cant spend a day without talking to or seeing eachother (we're obsessed and you LIKE IT) i just really cant wait until he comes home its gonna be so amazing, like the first time i see him whats gonna happen is we're magically gonna liek appear in an empty field somewhere with blue skies and sunshine and then that sappy love music comes on when two people run to eachother in the field, dude come on you know what i mean. its okay i know im nuts. i talk about tom alot, it gets on everyones nerves but see the thing is...I DONT CARE! well my ass is falling asleep cuz ive been sitting on it wayy too long..i should probably do some studying before tom calls so i can go to sleep not too late. i promise one of these days ill have something to talk about other than tom...but dont count on it anytime soon ;)
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<3thomas brandon haller [30 Aug 2004|12:44am]
basically...school starts tommorow that should be cool. yeah shut up i like school eat my ass. i miss my boyfriend like crazy he needs to come home all ready! oh schwell not too long now...begin the countdown! <3333
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[22 Jun 2004|05:11pm]
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[04 Jun 2004|05:15pm]

my senior portrait (courtesy of jenna)

this house is so empty i miss my brothers and im bored and i want to go to the beach. in addition umm no thats it.
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VEE ARE LAXING ARNT VEE NOT!? [16 May 2004|07:44pm]
okay update
-school is the OVERR!
-lgabell's new puppy is adorable and i get to puppysit him 2 days a week (pictures soon)
-im sick of work and considering quitting
-this weekend was the shit
~socratic are a bunch of cool kids
~apple martinis are AMAZING
~it takes 3 hours to eat at the melting pot
~vee ver laxin veren't vee not?
-cicadas are disgusting and freaking EVERYWHERE
-my boyfriend thinks im FAT!
-2 of my big brothers are moving to cali in 3 days :(
-i love my thomas brandon haller
-this summer is going to be amazing
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<3 my bunny, Nathan Scott Philips [10 May 2004|04:53pm]
i hate research papersss i cant do this!! so instead im going to sit here and giggle at this picture of crazy boy
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hmm this turkey day IS good! [04 May 2004|10:40pm]
school and work are really starting to bother me right now. only 3 more days of classes left, but 2 book reports, 2 essays and a research paper due in the next 2 1/2 weeks. Other than that, everything is perfect, daddy and i are on speaking terms again which makes things around here much more pleasant. so when i dont think about school and work i am a happy happy happpppy girl <3
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[02 May 2004|05:49pm]
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[01 May 2004|12:00pm]
The Early November w/Anberlin, Bayside, Alltime Low @ the ottobar
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[27 Apr 2004|01:24am]
i feel betters, except for this headache, it is nooo good

something is really wrong, and i can't figure it out for the life of me. i'm not really happy, i'm not really sad, i'm just...blah. i have a problem with routine, it sucks, i can't do the same thing each week it bores me to death. i'm not quite positive why i'm not asleep right now but i should be, so i can wake up bright and early to finish my research paper which i've had all semester to do. i am going to continue to ponder and see if i can figure out what is bothering me. my nose hurts too i was washing my face and the little nose ring thingy got caught on my towel and ripped it out...it was not pleasant.

(15 minutes later...)

<3 talking to my drummy mcdrummerson made me feel alot better but i still don't know whats bothering me, oh well, i dont think im gonna sleep tonight, im not in the mood, that is all.
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[21 Apr 2004|06:38pm]
:) <--me because of you <3
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mish mish cuddling [19 Apr 2004|12:32am]
yeah hi so adelphee was fucking amazinggg, especially their drummer...i heard he's a lesbian though :/ what a super duper terrific fantastic night. the rest of this weekend was pimp as well, except for the puke and random beer cans all over my house...thats not too good.

im off to watch my drive thru dvd and cuddle up in my drive thru tshirt which i absolutely love

girraffee <3
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achoooooo [17 Apr 2004|02:11am]
muahahhaha. i <3 my mom, she protested allll day long and whined and complained to try to get me to get my bellybutton pierced, BUT i am the whining and complaining QUEEN so now my nose has a little silver friend <333 it
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That is one UGALY bowd. [14 Apr 2004|01:00am]
holy moly, ive said it once, and i'll say it again, my mom is the greatest. shes taking me on friday to get something pierced cuz i've been bugging her for the LONGEST time...now...what to get pierced..any suggestions? nothing below the waist you pervs!!!1

okay so i think we've established that im nucking futs.

just spent $400 on a new wheel, ridiculous much? (note to self : don't hit anymore curbs) i swear it wasn't my fault! im officially broke. until friday. but how am i supposed to buy crack until then...?

tis the side of my big al shirt. which i desperately want back from jenna.

the end.
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Conotational Conceptualization [13 Apr 2004|02:30am]
omgomgomgomgogmogm i had too much starbucks fun and dr pepper today becauseee its 2:30 and normally i would be passed out asleep but im wide awake and i feel like going for a run. unfortunately its a little rainy and cold out so i think ill just stay in here and walk around the house and run into things.

i filled up a 20 ounce cup with sunflower seed shells, thats right im amazing, my doggy helped a little. when we give her sunflower seeds she eats the middle and spits out the shell, okay come on how fucking amazing is that.

hmmm hmmm tommorow i have skewl, skewl is for lewzers and i didnt finish my psychology take home exam because i am a bum and i have ADD like whoa. thennn wednesday i have work 1-7 but it will basically include sleeping in the front office and answering the hellophone "towson veterinary hospital allingson speaking may i help you!?" and thennn thursday skewl again and an english essay due...and friday work 730-3 which will suck like whoa. thank jeebus i told the doctors im not working saturdays anymore. bitches. saturday im going with laura for to check out a breeder. we're gonna meet a mommy and daddy golden retriever who may be the parents of lauras new puppppy! (so excited.) then sunday i dont think im gonna do anything, theres some shitty ass show at fletchers but i wouldnt be caught dead there.

ADELPHEE WOOOOO!! 4/18...amazing, be there or be square, or rectangular, or be a cylinder or polygon or something..no idea what im talking about...happens often...:/
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<3 bmomb [10 Apr 2004|01:29pm]
okay so seriously, i love my mom, she is the greatest woman in the world. i was all stressed out and shit about work and i did NOT wanna get up this morning. so i go upstairs and mom is on the phone with my work. at first im like whaaaa. so she tells them i have a stomach virus and i wont be able to make it in today, yeah they give the usual shit well she needs to find a replacement blah blah blah. too bad there are NO replacements cuz stingy jewish towson veterinary hospital wont hire anyone else! okay they had like 8 people working today when they usually have 3, they can kiss my ass im working on easter sunday at 8am! but anyway my mom is the greatest i was all oh no but there are no replacements blah blah freaking out she was like, go back to bed dont worry about it. <3 mom.

anywhos i get to go to spanish land today! aka silver spring, md. for to see my ecuadorian familyyy! we're celebrating easter today because myself and 2 of my brothers have to work tommorow :( yeah but its gonna fucking rock today, im sooo excited for spanish food its the greatest. my uncle and 3 little cousins are in town from seattle and i havnt seen them for a while. so that should be exciting, and spending the day with my family, believe it or not is way too much fun. i mean come on tequila shots with abuelita y mi hermanos...what could be better!? wouldnt you love to spend a day with this bunch!?

p.s. halla52 has ADD like its his job
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